Sentence Examples with the word crashing

Rushed for time with the immortal world crashing down around him, he hadn't had much time to toy with her, and he hadn't been gentle.

She rose only for Darian to seize again, sending her crashing onto her stomach.

The crashing of the car into wall created percussion.

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In art and learning, morals and government, the old walls came crashing down; in the general bankruptcy of authority men were forced to depend on themselves.

She heard them coming, the sound of creatures crashing through the forest.

A thousand odds and ends of knowledge come crashing about my head like hailstones, and when I try to escape them, theme-goblins and college nixies of all sorts pursue me, until I wish--oh, may I be forgiven the wicked wish!--that I might smash the idols I came to worship.

One part of it dispersed and waded knee-deep through the snow into a birch forest to the right of the village, and immediately the sound of axes and swords, the crashing of branches, and merry voices could be heard from there.

The sound of men crashing through the forest grew near fast.

It was the night he provoked her and forced her to say the words that brought her world crashing down.

A crashing salvo of 60 guns gave the signal for a combined assault to be delivered by Gerard and the Guard, with Milhaud moving on their right flank.