Sentence Examples with the word crag

Craig, a rock or crag - Pen-y-graig.

Thick, containing rolled fossil bones, cetacean and fish teeth, and shells of the Crag period, with nodules or pebbles of phosphatic matter derived from the London Clay, and often investing fossils from that formation.

The high Silurian crag now known as Domberg was early occupied by an Esthonian fort, Lindanissa.

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The Suffolk Crag has yielded the unmistakable bones of an albatross, Diomedea.

Near Husavik in the north there have been found marine deposits containing a number of marine shells; they belong to the Red Crag division of the Pliocene.

The foremost foothill of the range is the steep crag of Mons Titanus, crowned by the towers of the republic of San Marino.

Remains of crag deposits lie in pipes in the chalk near Lenham.

Along the western side of northern Anti-Lebanon stretches the Khasha'a, a rough red region lined with juniper trees, a succession of the hardest limestone crests and ridges, bristling with bare rock and crag that shelter tufts of vegetation, and are divided by a succession of grassy ravines.

Crag, a heap or barrow - Crag Mawr, Trichrug.

The picturesque ruins of an old castle on a crag close by the town are usually known as the castle of Queen Bona, i.e.