Sentence Examples with the word cradle

If, therefore, the motor is mounted on a cradle free to turn about knife-edges, the reacting torque is the only torque tending to turn the cradle when it is in a vertical position, and may therefore be measured by adjusting weights to hold the cradle in a vertical position.

The brass tube, strengthened at the bearing points by strong truly turned collars, rotates in the cast iron cradle q attached to the declination axis.

The Y theodolite differs from the transit in that the supports for the telescope are low, that the telescope rests in a cradle the trunnions of which rest on the supports, and that a segment of a circle attached to the cradle replaces FIG.

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I told her that she could call the egg the cradle of life.

The Montana (hill country) of Burgos, and in particular the district called the Alfoz of Lara, was the cradle of the heroes of the Castilian share in the reconquestthe count Porcellos, and the judge of the people, Lain Calvo, the infantes of Lara, the bastard Mudarra, and Ruy Diaz 0I Bivar, in whose lives legend and history are mingled beyond disentanglement, and of whom some are pure figures of romance.

On the 20th of March 1811 the empress Marie Louise gave birth to a son, named in his very cradle king of Rome.

The arms that rescued her continued to cradle her gently, and what the fall had failed to do to her heart beat, his close proximity completed.

It is certain that Babylonia, the seat of the present Mandaeans, must he regarded also as the cradle in which their system was reared; it is impossible to think of them as coming from Palestine, or to attribute to their doctrines a Jewish or Christian origin.

The fertility of the soil and the facility of communication by land and by water have made this plain the cradle of the Polish nationality.

Zach was asleep again, so she put him in his cradle and closed her blouse.