Sentence Examples with the word cp

San kira Ras Madrak a ICR l -1-,, ,, 0,E7 cp s.

This therefore expresses the secondary disturbance at a distance r and in a direction making an angle cp with OZ (the direction of primary vibration) due to the element dS of the wave-front.

The angle cp is termed the eccentric angle, and is geometrically represented as the angle between the axis of x (the major axis of the ellipse) and the radius of a point on the auxiliary circle which has the same abscissa as the point on the ellipse.

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In order that the surfaces which abut at the Joint JK maybe pressed together, the resistance required by the conditions of equilibrium CR, must be a thrust and not a pull; and in that case the force by which the surfaces are pressed together is equal and opposite to the normal component CP of the resistance.