Sentence Examples with the word cowed

The wild tribes of the Caucasus were cowed by the Roman arms, and Mithradates himself fled across the Black Sea to Panticapaeum (modern Kertch).

The papal threats were now too urgent to be disregarded, and the cowed signory entreated Savonarola to put an end to his sermons.

But though these measures cowed the Poles, they failed to achieve their main purpose.

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The Syracusans had been at first thoroughly cowed; but they were cowed no longer, and they even plucked up courage to sally out and fight the enemy on the high ground of Epipolae.

This vigorous action on the part of the king seems to have cowed all Warbecks supporters on English soil.

But, when Pompey himself arrived at Damascus, Antipater, who pulled the strings and exploited the claims of Hyrcanus, realized that Rome and not the Arabs, who were cowed by the threats of Scaurus, was the ruler of the East.

The father wa.s manifestly a man of great energy who cowed his unruly nobles by murder, forced the Orospedans to recognize his superiority, swept away the Suevic kingdom which had lingered in the north-west, and checked the raids of the Basques.

His organ United Ireland declared that the new courts must be cowed into giving satisfactory decisions.

When Danton was arrested, Legendre at first defended him, but was soon cowed and withdrew his defence.

The Landtag of Brandenburg was not cowed so easily into submission, but an increase of revenue was obtained, and the stubborn struggle which ensued in Prussia ended in a victory for the ruler.