Sentence Examples with the word cow

All the profound plans about cutting off and capturing Napoleon and his army were like the plan of a market gardener who, when driving out of his garden a cow that had trampled down the beds he had planted, should run to the gate and hit the cow on the head.

It falls on tile tenth, and two or three following days, of the last month, Dhu-l-hijja, when the pilgrims each slay a ram, a he-goat, a cow or a camel in the valley of Mind in commemoration of the ransom of Ishmael with a ram.

At the end of the season the net amount of cheese produced by milk from each cow is handed over to the owner of that particular cow, and is carried down by him to his home in the valley from the hut (a small building on four stone legs to secure the contents from mice) wherein the cheeses have been stored since they were made - this hut is called a Speicher.

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His nobles, whom he tried to cow by sporadic acts of violence, rebelled against him.

The cow classes were abolished in 1897, and in the schedule of the 1905 exhibition the classes for each breed of cattle were (I) for steers not exceeding two years old, (2) for steers above two years and not exceeding three years old, and (3) for heifers not exceeding three years old.

Although the technique of growing cowpox on cow hides would come, transporting it was difficult due to lack of refrigeration.

Carmen circled Princess around behind the cow and she finally decided to follow the captured calf.

If you worry about gas emissions from cows contributing to climate change, lobby for a cow that doesn't have gas.

The migrating buffalo, which seeks new pastures in another latitude, is not extravagant like the cow which kicks over the pail, leaps the cowyard fence, and runs after her calf, in milking time.

The site of Jacksonville was called Cow Ford (a version of the Indian name, Wacca Pilatka), from the excellent ford of the St John's River, over which went the King's Road, a highway built by the English from St Augustine to the Georgia line.