Sentence Examples with the word covariant

If the forms be identical the sets of symbols are ultimately equated, and the form, provided it does not vanish, is a covariant of the form ate.

It may denote a simultaneous orthogonal invariant of forms of orders n i, n2, n3,...; degree 0 of the covariant in the coefficients.

M - i) have the covariant property.

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D x the first evectant; and thence 4cxdi the second evectant; in fact the two evectants are to numerical factors pres, the cubic covariant Q, and the square of the original cubic.

We can so determine these n covariants that every other covariant is expressed in terms of them by a fraction whose denominator is a power of the binary form.

X x x To form an invariant or covariant we have merely to form a product of factors of two kinds, viz.

For the quadratic it is the discriminant (ab) 2 and for ax2 the cubic the quadratic covariant (ab) 2 axbx.

If the covariant (f,4) 1 vanishes f and 4 are clearly proportional, and if the second transvectant of (f, 4 5) 1 upon itself vanishes, f and 4) possess a common linear factor; and the condition is both necessary and sufficient.

The degree of the covariant in the coefficients is equal to the number of different symbols a, b, c, ...

Two of these show that the leading coefficient of any covariant is an isobaric and homogeneous function of the coefficients of the form; the remaining two may be regarded as operators which cause the vanishing of the covariant.