Sentence Examples with the word courtyard

The dirty streets full of petty traders, the gloomy bazaar with its multitude of tiny shops, the market squares, the blind alleys, the little gates in the dead courtyard walls, all give the place the stamp of a Tatar or Turkish town.

On the 8th of August 1470 Isotta's son was found murdered in a well belonging to the Marcheselli family; and a bloodstained sword, placed in their courtyard by Roberto, made it appear as though they had been guilty of the crime.

He rejoined the awaiting convent member in the courtyard outside Hannah's room and trailed her through the Sanctuary.

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When she was close enough to the house, she ran to the courtyard and slipped in through the back door.

Possesses a massive black tower, built of blocks of lava, and in the courtyard is an interesting chapel, in Romanesque style with fantastic ornamentations, which was finished in the 13th century.

He exited through a different route, one that took him across a courtyard large enough for the vamps to see him as he crossed it, and between two buildings.

The next morning, she started her normal daily routine and made her way to the courtyard where she trained with the boys.

The great teocalli of Huitzilopochtli in the city of Mexico stood in an immense square, whence radiated the four principal thoroughfares, its courtyard being enclosed by a square, of which the stone wall, called the coatepantli or serpent-wall from its sculptured serpents, - measured nearly a quarter of a mile on each side.

The fortress around the courtyard was four stories tall and lined with wooden doors indicating guest rooms.

The sounds of sparring in the courtyard drew no interest this morning.