Sentence Examples with the word courthouse

When they reached Concord, they burned the courthouse there.

Dean had a feeling the woman was the tall blonde he'd seen leaving the courthouse behind Fred O'Connor.

He parked the truck in front of the courthouse and turned to her, dragging a paper from his pocket.

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The old courthouse was a massive structure dominating the town square.

I don't have to be at the courthouse for hours.

The Mall connecting the courthouse and city hall with the post-office and library is 600 ft.

When Dean returned to Bird Song, it was mid-morning, but if he expected a quiet empty building with the Dawkinses at the courthouse and the rest of the clientele enjoying the splendors of Ouray, he was wrong.

Paperwork kept Dean chained to his desk until after lunch and he spent the afternoon pacing the courthouse corridor until plea-bargained to freedom shortly before five.

They were driving on Main Street when they spotted Fred O'Connor sauntering down from the courthouse chatting with two ladies who looked enthralled by his company.

I asked a darling woman at the courthouse yesterday to do some digging for me.