Sentence Examples with the word cour

See also Felix Rocquain, La Papaute au moyen age (Paris, 1881) and La Cour de Rome et l'esprit de reforme avant Luther (3 vols., Paris, 18 93 - i 8 97); J.

On the 2nd of April the Cour de Cassation quashed the proceedings.

It was not till the Cour de Cassation ordered a further investigation, and on the 12th of July 1906 decided that his conviction had been based on a forgery and that Dreyfus was innocent, that the agitation came to a final conclusion.

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But the monarchy was stronger in Cyprus than in Jerusalem: the fiefs were distributed by the monarch, and were smaller in extent; while the feudatories had neither the collective powers of the haute cour of Jerusalem, nor the individual privileges (such as jurisdiction over the bourgeoisie), which had been enjoyed by the feudatories of the old kingdom.

This question of arrest has been frequently raised in Europe: - in the case of Barbuit, a tallow-chandler, who from 1717 to 1735 acted as Prussian consul in London, and to whom the exemption conferred by statute on ambassadors was held not to apply; in the case of Cretico, the Turkish consul in London in 1808; in the case of Begley, the United States consul at Genoa, arrested in Paris in 1840; and in the case of De la Fuente Hermosa, Uruguay an consul, whom the Cour Royale of Paris in 1842 held liable to arrest for debt.

The cour de cassation can review the decision of any other tribunal, except administrative courts.

After Francis I., Fontainebleau owes most to Henry IV., to whom are due the Cour d'Henri IV., the Cour des Princes, with the adjoining Galerie de Diane, and Galerie des Cerfs, used as a library.

Built the graceful horseshoe staircase in the Cour du Cheval Blanc; Napoleon I.

In Paris, in 1779, the Cour des Aides demanded their suppression, and in March 1788 the parlement of Paris made some exceedingly energetic remonstrances, which are important for the light they throw upon old French public law.

The Cour de Cassation has a peculiar judicial sphere.