Sentence Examples with the word coupling

Alkylated amino-azo-benzenes are also known, and are formed by the coupling of diazonium salts with alkylated amines, provided they contain a free para.

Coupling of Parallel AxesOldhams CouplingA coupling is a mode of connecting a pair of shafts so that they shall rotate in the same direction with the same mean angular velocity.

A coupling collar, tapped in the same manner, is screwed on, and causes the conical edge to impress itself tightly on the flat end, giving a sound and lasting joint.

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P. 670) that the velocity of formation of the amino-azo compound depends only on the nature of the reagents and not on the concentration, and that in coupling the hydrochloride of a tertiary amine with diazobenzene suiphonic acid the reaction takes place between the acid and the base set free by the hydrolytic dissociation of its salt, for the formation of the amino-azo compound, when carried out in the presence of different acids, takes place most rapidly with the weakest acid (H.

Witt (Ber., 1877, 10, p. 656), is obtained by coupling phenyl diazonium chloride with meta-phenylene diamine.

Para-oxyazobenzene (benzene-azo-phenol), C 6 H 5 N: N (1) C6H4 011(4), is prepared by coupling diazotized aniline with phenol in alkaline solution.

In the first case all the driving is done on one or at most two axles, sufficient tractive force being obtained by coupling these axles when necessary to others carrying heavy loads.

The coupling rod remains always parallel to itself, and all its points describe equal and similar circles relatively to the frame of the engine, and move in parallel directions with equal velocities at the same instant.

To keep the load level, there are various devices for automatically coupling the jibraising and the load-lowering motions.

In the Ayrton and Perry transmission dynamometer or spring coupling of this type, FIG.