Sentence Examples with the word countryside

Now hung on the chance that he might be able to maintain the struggle with success; he raised a large army and invaded Lothian, but Bruce refused a pitched battle, and drove him off with loss by devastating the countryside around him.

The laundry was one place she hadn't been yet and her wardrobe had dwindled down to a few clean items - none of them appropriate for a ride around the countryside with a man she hardly knew.

Edward was able to occupy many towns and castles, but the broken bands of the insurgents lurked in the hills and forests, and the Countryside as a whole remained unsubdued.

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The day was perfect for rolling the countryside and Dean was pleased his legs had a good memory of the long-absent tasks required of pedaling at seven thousand feet elevation.

In July 1403 came the crisis of King Henrys reign; while Glendower burst into South Wales, and overran the whole Insurrec- countryside as far as Cardiff and Carmarthen, the tion In the Percjes raised their banner in the North.

In 1851 Lord Vernon opened fourteen tombs, and after that the whole countryside ransacked the necropolis, without any proper records or notes being taken, and with great damage to the objects found.

One after another all the towns of the duchy were reduced, save Rouen, the siege of which, as the hardest task, King Henry postponed till the rest of the countryside was in his hands.

William could be pitiless when provoked; to punish the men of the North for persistent rebellion and the destruction of his garrison at York, he harried the whple countryside from the Aire to the Tees with such remorseless ferocity that it did not recover its ancient prosperity for centuries.

All the wealthier men, both in the countryside and in the towns, were required to take up the duties as well as the privileges of membership of the military household of the king.

As lieutenantgeneral in Roussillon in 1475 he protected the countryside against the wrath of the king, who wished to repress with cruel severity a rebellion of the inhabitants.