Sentence Examples with the word counterblast

Among his publications are De l'education (1850), De la haute education intellectuelle (3 vols., 1866), Muvres choisies (1861, 4 vols.); Histoire de Jesus (1872), a counterblast to Renan's Vie de Jesus.

But to push the equation of St Paul with Simon Magus further than we are forced to by the facts of the case is to lose sight of the real character of the Clementines as the counterblast of Jewish to Samaritan Gnosticism and to obscure the greatness of Simon of Gitta, who was really the father of all heresy, a character which has been erroneously attributed to Simon Magus.

As a counterblast to this the grand-duke Charles issued in 181 a pragmatic sanction (Hausgesetz) declaring the counts of Hochberg, the issue of a morganatic marriage between the grand-duke Charles Frederick and Luise Geyer von Geyersberg (created Countess Hochberg), capable of succeeding to the crown.

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To 8 p.m., and Bourne and his friends determined to continue the experiment as a counterblast to the parish wakes of the time, which were little better than local saturnalia.

Zeller (Leipzig, 1876, - an attempt to show that Philostratus's story is merely a pagan counterblast to the New Testament history); J.

The decision of the senate on the 18th of May 1804, giving him the title of emperor, was the counterblast to the dread N I he had excited.

He wrote (in Italian) a book called The Learned Man as a counterblast to the widespread reading of romances, and also a history of his order in 6 vols.