Sentence Examples with the word council chamber

A remarkable feature of this quarter is a small council chamber with a gypsum throne of curiously Gothic aspect and lower stone benches round.

The hard but salutary training which they had undergone at his hands had taught them that they were the equals of the northern races both in the council chamber and on the field of battle.

The council chamber contains a fine oak door and Gothic chimney-piece, both c. 1530.

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But he was now destined to learn that his enemy Francis, whom he had discomfited in the council chamber at Calcutta, was more than his match in the parliamentary arena.

There was violent antipathy between the Christain Socialists and the German Nationalists, and the transference of their quarrels from the Viennese Council Chamber to the Reichsrath was very detrimental to the orderly conduct of debate.

The one in the council chamber upstairs dates from 1527 and gives an allegorical representation of the Virtues and the Vices.

Hence the frequent confusion with the Tholos which was near the council chamber and was the residence of the Prytaneis (see below) of the council.

At Athens the agora of classical times was adorned with trees planted by Cimon; around it numerous public buildings were erected, such as the council chamber and the law courts (for its topography, see Athens).