Sentence Examples with the word cotton seed

Although used in the early days to a limited extent as a food for milch cows and other stock, and to a larger extent as a manure, no systematic efforts were made anywhere in the South to manufacture the seed until the later 'fifties, when the first cotton seed mills were established.

If this were really the best choice, it would also be logical to blindfold the fifty workers so they would work that much slower and thus create twenty new jobs for blindfolded cotton seed removers.

Compared with the commercial fertilizer which the farmer has to buy, cotton seed possesses, therefore, a distinct value.

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Cotton seed cake or meal (the residue after the oil is extracted) is one of the most valuable of feeding stuffs, as the following simple comparison between it and oats and corn will show: 500 lb 400 lb 700 lb 200 lb 200 to 300 lb Cotton Cotton seed meal, though poor in carbohydrates, the fatand energy-supplying ingredients, is exceedingly rich in protein, the nerveand muscle-feeding ingredients.

Though it is probably destined to be used even more extensively as a fertilizer before the demand for it as a feeding stuff becomes equal to the supply, practically all the cotton seed meal of the south will ultimately be used for feeding.

Then, make them all soak their fingers in ice water so they are numb and work even slower, creating another thirty jobs for cold-fingered, blindfolded cotton seed removers.

It was not long, however, before the stock-feeder in the South found that cotton seed hulls were an excellent substitute for hay.

The Egyptian cotton seed bug or cotton stainer belongs to another genus, being Oxycarenus hyalinipennis.

In contrast with the farmers of the 'sixties, the southern planter of the 10th century appreciates the value of his cotton seed, and farmers, too remote from the mills to get it pressed, now feed to their stock all the cotton seed they conveniently can, and use the residue either in compost or directly as manure.

Hull is the principal seat of the industry in Great Britain, and enormous quantities of Indian and Egyptian cotton seed are imported and worked up.