Sentence Examples with the word cotswold

The fine white fleece of long wavy wool gives the Cotswold an attractive appearance, which is enhanced by its topknot or forelock.

All the leading British varieties are reared, the Shropshire, Oxford Down, Leicester and Cotswold breeds being most numerous.

Yet there was still a large export of wool to Flanders, and the long pack-trains of the Cotswold flockmastcrs still wound eastward to the sea for the benefit of the merchants of the staple and the continental manufacturer.

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This is a ferm of relief frequently occurring elsewhere, as in the Niagara cuesta of the Great Lake district of the northern United States and in the Cotswold and Chiltern hills of England, typical examples of the cuesta class.

The Cotswold is an old-established breed of the Gloucestershire hills, extending thence into Oxfordshire.

Other sheep societies include the Leicester Sheep Breeders' Association, the Cotswold Sheep Society, the Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders' Association, the Oxford.