Sentence Examples with the word cote

It is situated on the western border of the fertile plain of Burgundy, at the foot of Mont Afrique, the north-eastern summit of the Cote d'Or range, and at the confluence of the Ouche and the Suzon; it also has a port on the canal of Burgundy.

The soil of the Cote d'Or is chiefly limestone, with a little clay and sand.

In the following month he was elected to the National Assembly by the department Cote d'Or.

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His son, Francois Carnot, was first elected deputy for the Cote d'Or in 1902.

For ethnology consult Coutumes indigenes de la Cote d'Ivoire (Paris, 1902) by F.

In 1791 he was returned by the Cote d'Or to the Legislative Assembly, and in 1792 to the Convention.

The most important wines, however, the Burgundy wines proper, are made in the centre of this region on the range of low hills running north-east by south-west called the Cote d'Or, or the golden slope.

The term Cote des Dents continued in general use in France until the closing years of the 19th century.

DIJON, a town of eastern France, capital of the department of Cote d'Or and formerly capital of the province of Burgundy, 195 m.

Balleny's Sabrina Land, D'Urville's Cote Clarie and most of the land reported by Wilkes were found not to exist, though an enormous ice-tongue which might well have been taken for part of the continent occupied the position of Termination Land.