Sentence Examples with the word costs

In the United Kingdom the excise duty is eleven shillings per proof gallon of alcohol, while the customs duty is eleven shillings and 5' g fivepence; the magnitude of these imposts may be more readily understood when one remembers that the proof gallon costs only about sevenpence to manufacture.

We will need to incur costs to solve the problem.

There were costs incurred by the landlord as a result of the breach.

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One would be to argue that energy costs will remain high.

Venice not only paid the costs of the war to the two chief belligerents, but her naval resources also helped to launch the young general on his career of eastern adventure.

Its trade is not large, however, owing to the costs of transportation.

Their inaccessibility and the costs of transportation have prevented a development of the industry and a consequent improvement in stock, but the persistency of the industry under conditions so unfavourable is evidence that the soil and climate are suited to its requirements.

While the previous two points focused at the macro level and the overall costs of war, I speak here of consumers' perspective on war.

But there is danger of their reaching the point where there is little or no margin between unit costs of service and unit receipts for the service.

C. 47 power was given to the Board of Agriculture to use the sums voted on account of pleuro-pneumonia for paying the costs involved in dealing with foot-and-mouth disease; under this act the board could order the slaughter of diseased animals and of animals in contact with these, and could pay compensation for animals so slaughtered.