Sentence Examples with the word cosmological

This involves a re-interpretation of the Cosmological argument, or a criticism of the view ordinarily taken of it.

Of course the cosmological argument is rarely or never left to stand quite alone.

Perhaps the attack on cause as used in the cosmological argument is independent of Kant's philosophical peculiarities.

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His investigation tends to show that in the course of tradition cosmological myths are transformed into eschatological dogmas.

The cosmological argument points to nature-pantheism, with the religions - especially those of India - which embody that attitude of mind.

The assumption of two Gods necessarily led to cosmological speculations.

Consequently his theology is cosmological speculation and ethical reflection based on the sacred Scriptures.

They incline to the Design Argument and Analogy - to the Cosmological argument (with other elements in a subordinate place) and proof by inference - to the Ontological argument.

Such a religion appeals for its self-verification not to its agreement with cosmological conceptions, either ancient or modern, or with theories of philosophy, however true these may be, but to the moral sense of man.

Cosmological materialism is that form of the doctrine in which the dominant motive is the formation of a comprehensive world-scheme: the Stoics and Epicureans were cosmological materialists.