Sentence Examples with the word corylus

Among the Dicotyledons may be mentioned Platanus, Acer (?), Quercus (?), Viburnum, Alnus, Magnolia, Corylus (?), Castanea (?), Zizyphus, Populus and the nettlelike Boehmeria antiqua.

Includes Corylus (hazel) and Carpinus (hornbeam).

The last two, on account of their elongated husk, have been distinguished as a species, under the name Corylus tubulosa.

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The common hazel, Corylus Avellana (fig.

The filbert, 2 among the numerous varieties of Corylus Avellana, is extensively cultivated, especially in Kent, for the sake of its nuts, which are readily distinguished from cob-nuts by their ample involucre and greater length.