Sentence Examples with the word corte

Carutti, Storia delta corte di Savoic durante la rivoluzione e 1 impero francese (2 vols., Turin, 1892); G.

Silvagni's La Corte e la Societa Romana nei secoli XVIII.

Masson, Les Diplomates de la Revolution (Paris, 1882); Silvagni, La Corte e la Societd romana nei secoli XVIII.

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Cibranios Stone della monarchic pieniontese (Turin, I84o), and P. Caruttis .Sloria della diplomazia delta corte di Savoia (Rome, 1875).

And A ultimo corrida de touros reaes em Salvaterra by Rebello da Silva, and Urn Anno na Corte by the statesman, Andrade Corvo, the first and the last superior books.

The Castello di Corte here, the old castle of the Gonzagas (1395-1406), erected by Bartolino da Novara, the architect of the castle of Ferrara, now contains the archives, and has some fine frescoes by Mantegna with scenes from the life of Ludovico Gonzaga.

In bucolics there arose a worthy disciple of Ribeiro in Francisco Rodrigues Lobo, author of the lengthy pastoral romances Corte na aldea and Primavera, the songs in which, with his eclogues, earned him the name of the Portuguese Theocritus.

Sealed despatches were sent to every Spanish colony, to be opened on the same day, the 2nd of April 1767, when the measure was to take effect in Spain itself, and the expulsion was relentlessly carried out, nearly six thousand priests being deported from Spain alone, and sent to the Italian coast, whence, however, they were repelled by the orders of the pope and Ricci himself, finding a refuge at Corte in Corsica, after some months' suffering in overcrowded vessels at sea.