Sentence Examples with the word corrupting

However, practically speaking, it sometimes has a corrupting influence on those whom it empowers to act for the state.

Again, - just as the Stoics held wisdom to be indispensable to real rectitude of conduct, while at the same time they included under the notion of wisdom a grasp of physical as well as ethical truth, so the similar emphasis laid on inwardness in Christian ethics caused orthodoxy or correctness of religious belief to be regarded as essential to goodness, and heresy as the most fatal of vices, corrupting as it did the very springs of Christian life.

The habit of absolute rule, always dangerous, was peculiarly corrupting when it penetrated every department of daily life, and when no external interference checked individual caprice in its action on the feelings and fortunes of inferiors.

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Public anxiety about the potentially corrupting influence of the new language was constant from its birth.

As this scheme, if carried out, involved the corrupting of two officials of the United States, an Indian agent and an interpreter, a breach of the neutrality of the United States, and the breach of Article V.

The Left assumed that, if deputies could hold office, the king would have the means of corrupting the ablest and most influential.

The grandi regained some of their power by corrupting the podestd and by the favour of the popolo minuto or unorganized populace; but their quarrels among themselves prevented them from completely succeeding, while the arti were solid.

But theology, or the mixture of the two, he regarded as a source of evil to both - fostering the vain belief in a hostility of philosophers to religion, and meanwhile corrupting religion by a pseudo-science.

Subsequently he joined Henry of Navarre, whom he succeeded in withdrawing from the corrupting influence of the house of Valois (1576), and to whom he rendered valuable service, both as a soldier and as a counsellor, in the wars that issued in his elevation to the throne as Henry IV.

II), but in the course of history has introduced corrupting complications into life.