Sentence Examples with the word corrupt

His uncompromising antagonism to political blackmail and bribery, and his determination to pursue the right, as he saw the right, only in a common-sense fashion; made bitter enemies on the one hand among the corrupt politicians, and, on the other hand, among theoretical reformers) and discussions raged in the newspapers about his executive acts, his speeches, and his official messages much as they raged during his seven years in the White House.

The ignorant populace, for whom the promised social millennium had by no means dawned, saw in an attitude seemingly so inconsistent obvious proof of corrupt motives, and there were plenty of prophets of misrule to encourage the delusion - orators of the clubs and the street corners, for whom the restoration of order would have meant well-deserved obscurity.

Moreover, the corrupt church had lost its hold on the affections of the people.

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The retirement of the man also rid France of a turbulent and corrupt administrator.

The blood of the tenant becoming corrupt by attainder was decreed no longer inheritable, and the effect was the same as if the tenant had died without heirs.

The name (Zwpo urrpns) is the corrupt Greek form of the old Iranian Zarathustra (new Persian, Zardusht).

But the corrupt officials were fundamentally opposed to the scheme.

Barras and Rewbell were notoriously corrupt themselves and screened corruption in others.

The poem is in a very corrupt state, and ends abruptly with the request of Medea to accompany Jason on his homeward voyage.

It maintained the simplicity of Apostolic Christianity against the elaborate system of a corrupt Philp t hierarchy, the teaching of Scripture alone against the commentaries of the fathers and the traditions of the church, the right of private judgment against the dictation of ecclesiastical authority, the individual responsibility of every human soul before God in opposition to the papal control over purgatorial punishments, which had led to the revolting degradation of venal indulgences.