Sentence Examples with the word corridor

The original entrance to the cemetery leads directly into a spacious corridor with no loculi, but recesses for sarcophagi, and decorations of the classical style of the 2nd century.

The warrior opened the door and strode into the corridor without waiting.

She trailed them as directed down the corridor to a battle quarters that put A'Ran's tiny room to shame.

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Sonya told Pierre this as she led him along the corridor to Natasha's room.

The sanctuary is surrounded by a corridor into which the chambers open: on the west side is an apartment forming a court and kiosk for the celebration of the feast of the New Year, the principal festival of Dendera.

In 1888 a corridor was discovered which had at one time been isolated from the rest of the cemetery.

In size, surrounded on three sides by a corridor or cloister, with rooms opening on the cloister (fig.

Bodies blocked her descent to the basements where the warriors were, and she struck off down a narrow corridor that dead-ended in another set of stairs leading to a door hanging from one hinge.

She tucked the creature in her hands under one arm and left the small room for a long corridor in similar dark grey which glowed more brightly from indistinguishable light sources.

Moor Park took him away from brooding and glooming in Ireland and brought him into the corridor of contemporary history, an intimate acquaintance with which became the chief passion of Swift's life.