Sentence Examples with the word correspondance

Boutaric, Correspondance secrete de Louis X V.; Madame de Pompadour's Correspondance published by P. Malassi; Dietric, Les Mattresses de Louis X V.; and Fleury, Louis XV.

See Heinrich Jacques, Alexis de Tocqueville; ein Lebensand Geistesbild (Vienna, 1876); James Bryce, The Predictions of Tocqueville (Baltimore, 1887); Count de Puymaigre, Les Souvenirs d'Alexis de Tocqueville (1893); and Correspondance entre Alexis de Tocqueville et Arthur de Gobineau (1908).

Takes the part of his subjects against the excessive zeal of the official Gadatas, and grants freedom of taxation and exemption from forced labour to those connected with a temple of Apollo in Asia Minor (Bulletin de correspondance hellenique, xiii.

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De Vaux (ib., 1884); Correspondance inedite d'Aug.

Mgr Ricard has published Maury's Correspondance diplomatique (2 vols., Lille, 1891).

Its Correspondance bimensuelle and Annuaire du mouvement pacifiste are well known, and its obliging hon.

Lauras, Bourdaloue, sa vie et ses oeuvres (2 vols., Paris, 1881); Abbe Blampignon, Etude sur Bourdaloue (Paris, 1886); Henri Cherot, Bourdaloue inconnu (Paris, 1898), and Bourdaloue, sa correspondance et ses correspondans (Paris, 1898-1904); L.

In the interval he wrote Madame de Maintenon d'apres sa correspondance authentique (2 vols., 1887), in which he displayed his penetrating critical faculty in discriminating between authentic documents and the additions and corrections of arrangers like La Beaumelle and Lavallee.

See Poul Vedel, Den aeldre Gre y Bernstorffs ministerium (Copenhagen, 1882); Correspondance ministe'rielle du Comte J.

Siborne, R.E., Waterloo Letters; Colonel Chesney, Waterloo Lectures; Wellington, Despatches and Memorandum on the Battle of Waterloo; Correspondance and Cornmentaires of Napoleon.