Sentence Examples with the word correggio

There are other beautiful ceiling frescoes by Correggio in the former Benedictine nunnery of S.

The noble houses of Gonzaga at Mantua, at Carrara at Padua, of Este at Ferrara, of Malatesta at Rimini, of Visconti at Milan, vied with Azzo di Correggio in entertaining the illustrious man of letters.

GREGORIO ALLEGRI, Italian priest and musical composer, probably of the Correggio family, was born at Rome either in 1560 or in 1585.

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The Correggio family never managed to keep possession of it for long, and in 1346 they sold it to the Visconti (who constructed a citadel, La Rocchetta, in 1356, of which some remains exist on the east bank of the river, while the later ate du Pont may be seen on the west bank), and from them it passed to the Sforza.