Sentence Examples with the word correcting

The stuff taken out of the conductor should be employed in making up its banks or correcting inequalities in the meadow.

Another way of correcting this system is to alter the distances.

In 1887 the gunboat made a more extended voyage, reaching the port of Timbuktu, and correcting the mapping of the river down to that point.

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Claire took a seat offered by one of the climbers and proceeded to add to the sainthood by correcting every other sentence poor Effie tried to offer.

Another approximation is, therefore, to be made, when necessary, by correcting the expression of the pull through taking account of the variations of the elements already determined, which will give a yet nearer approximation to the truth.

Trans., 1839) deduced his method of correcting the compass by permanent magnets and soft iron, giving practical rules for the same in 1840.

Instead of observing the deviation solely for the purposes of correcting the indications of the compass when disturbed by the iron of the ship, the practice is to subject all deviations to mathematical analysis with a view to their mechanical correction.

The alternative method, therefore, consists in taking a simple formula, such as the trapezoidal rule, and correcting it to suit the mutual relations of the differences.

Soon he was back in Switzerland, and by 1606 in Frankfort, earning his living by preparing and correcting books for the press.

Should the rotating arms fail to pass over these correcting segments at their synchronous positions, correcting currents pass to a relay which cuts off momentarily the current actuating the tuning-fork, thereby altering the rate of vibration of the latter until the arms once more run together uniformly.