Sentence Examples with the word corral

It was, therefore, regarded as certain that, should President Diaz die in office, Senor Corral would succeed him without serious difficulty.

Fritz and Royce were watching the mules in a makeshift corral outside the wagons.

He stopped at the end of the corral and leaned on the fence, staring off toward the tree.

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A sound caught her attention and she glanced up to see Alex entering the corral on Ed.

Like the way his broad shoulders swayed so gracefully with each step as he strode to the corral - or the way he lounged in a doorway, coffee in one hand, one long leg thrown carelessly over the other.

Six people left the corral that morning.

She raced across the corral and threw herself into his open arms.

Carmen locked the foal in the corral with Princess, Random and Casper.

In 1909 indeed there were some disquieting symptoms. Owing to Diaz's age the vice-presidency had been revived in 1904, and Don Ramon Corral elected to it; but at the elections of 1909 a movement arose in favour of replacing him by General Bernardo Reyes, Governor of Nuevo Leon, but he was disposed of by an official commission to study the military systems of Europe.