Sentence Examples with the word corpuscle

The application of this term to Thomson's corpuscle implies, rightly or wrongly, that notwithstanding its apparent mass, the corpuscle is in fact nothing more than an atom of electricity.

The mass of the electron or corpuscle is 7 0 X1028 gramme and its diameter is 3 X I 013 centimetre.

Individual corpuscle or unit of living material or protoplasm.

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The question whether a corpuscle actually has a material gravitating nucleus is undecided, but there are strong reasons for believing that its mass is entirely due to the electric charge.

He explained chemical combination on the hypotheses that matter consisted of minute corpuscles, that by the coalescence of corpuscles of different substances distinctly new corpuscles of a compound were formed, and that each corpuscle had a certain affinity for other corpuscles.

The egg-cell of Mollusca is either free from food-material - a simple protoplasmic corpuscle or charged with food-material to a greater or less extent.

Schaudinn has stated, however, that Trypanomorpha becomes, in certain phases, attached to a red blood-corpuscle (ectoglobular), and, in others, penetrates inside one and eventually destroys it (endoglobular); while his other avian parasite, Trypanosoma ziemanni, apparently draws up into itself the white corpuscle (leucocyte) to which it becomes attached.

In gases the electrons sometimes travel alone, but in liquids they are always attached to matter, and their motion involves the movement of chemical atoms or groups of atoms. An atom with an extra corpuscle is a univalent negative ion, an atom with one corpuscle detached is a univalent positive ion.