Sentence Examples with the word corpus

Bormann, in Corpus Inscript.

During the war that followed the west section was generally loyal to the north while the south section favoured the Confederacy and furnished many soldiers for its army; but most of the state was kept under Federal control, the writ of habeas corpus being suspended.

Error or certiorari to which a writ of habeas corpus might be used as ancillary.

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At length, after much blood had been shed in the dispute, Philip Bennett, a monk residing in the town, succeeded by his eloquence, on the festival of Corpus Christi, 1412, in persuading the authorities of the two corporations to send to Henry IV.

Civilization invented Habeas Corpus and sees it as a fundamental legal right around the world.

He became a great authority on the history and antiquities of Roman Britain and was entrusted by Mommsen with the editing of the British section of the Corpus Inscriptionum (see 18.683).

Fairs on the days of the Ascension, Corpus Christi, St Margaret and St Andrew were conferred by Henry and were in existence in 1888.

The writ of habeas corpus has not been formally adopted or the Habeas Corpus Acts formally extended to South Africa; but in the Cape Colony, under the charter of justice and colonial legislation, the supreme court on petition grants a remedy equivalent to that obtained in England by writ of habeas corpus; and the remedy is sometimes so described (Koke v.

It consists of (1) the basihyal variously called copula, or corpus linguae, or unpaired middle portion.

Thus habeas corpus ad respondendum is used to bring up a prisoner confined by the process of an inferior court in order to charge him in another proceeding (civil or criminal) in the superior court or some other court.