Sentence Examples with the word corporation

The commissioner of the revenue is appointed for a term of four years by the judge of the corporation court.

A small picturesque Moot Hall of the 16th century is used for corporation meetings.

By the charters of 1664 and 1674 the corporation was given the title of mayor, aldermen and burgesses.

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To obtain convictions the evidence of an informer was wanted, and the person selected was James Carey, a member of the Dublin Corporation and a chief contriver of the murders.

The first railway in the Philippines was the line from Manila to Dagupan (120 m.) which was built by an English corporation under a guaranty of the Spanish government and was opened in 1892.

This is the oldest industrial corporation in Sweden, and perhaps the oldest still existing in the world; it is known to have been established before 1347.

The town was incorporated in 1899, and the corporation consists of a mayor, 6 aldermen and 18 councillors.

In Paris the Burgundians were hand in hand with the corporation of the butchers, who were the leaders of the Parisian populace.

It returned two members to parliament as a borough from 1295 until deprived of one member by the act of 1867, and finally disfranchised by that of 1885, but no charter of corporation was granted until 1683, when Charles II.

Critics of the corporation are often chided for their naivety.