Sentence Examples with the word cornered

She shifted until there was a table between them, feeling very much like a cornered rabbit.

After some successes, the pretender was ultimately cornered at the castle of Sanam near Kish, and took poison together with all the members of his family.

And then both Gage and Talal had cornered her that morning with news that made her wish she was more like Evelyn.

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It was difficult to hear how easily he'd evaluated and cornered her to get her to Hell.

She hadn't thought about performance when cornered by a vampire.

I ordered the Emerald City to be built just where the four countries cornered together, and when it was completed I announced myself the Ruler of the Land of Oz, which included all the four countries of the Munchkins, the Gillikins, the Winkies and the Quadlings.

Dean cornered Atherton near the entrance.

Wynn being cornered by a demon and her body starting to give out on her.

Jared, wounded and vulnerable, had been cornered by another demon in its monster shape with drool dripping off its teeth.

She shed it and her boots quickly, wanting to escape to her room before her father cornered her.