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See also the Fragments inidits de critique sur Pierre et Thomas Corneille of Alfred de Vigny, published in 1905.

His favourite authors were Euripides, Virgil and Racine, whom he defends against the stock criticisms of the admirers of Corneille with equal zeal and insight.

In affairs of intellect dragooning was equally the policy; and, as Corneille learnt to his cost, the French Academy was created in 1635 simply to secure in the republic of letters the same unity and conformity to rules that was enforced in the state.

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Bouquet's Points obscurs et nouveaux de la vie de Pierre Corneille (1888); Corneille inconnu, by J.

Boileau's testimony is of a more chequered character; yet he seems never to have failed in admiring Corneille whenever his principles would allow him to do so.

THOMAS CORNEILLE (1625-1709), French dramatist, was born at Rouen on the 10th of August 1625, being nearly twenty years younger than his brother, the great Corneille.

Lemaitre, Corneille et la poetique d'Aristote (1888); J.

The portraits of Corneille (the best and most trustworthy of which is from the burin of M.

It has been the custom to speak of Thomas Corneille as of one who, but for the name he bore, would merit no notice.

Of the exceedingly numerous writings relative to Corneille we may mention the Recueil de dissertations'sur plusieurs tragedies de Corneille et de Racine of the abbe Granet (Paris, 1740), the criticisms already alluded to of Voltaire, La Harpe and Palissot, the well-known work of Guizot, first published as Vie de Corneille in 1813 and revised as Corneille et son temps in 1852, and the essays, repeated in his Portraits litte'raires, in Port-Royal, and in the Nouveaux Lundis of Sainte-Beuve.