Sentence Examples with the word coriaceous

The entire valley of the Rio Grande, from El Paso to Brownsville, grows many species of cactus, and other prickly coriaceous shrubs.

In a general way, spiny plants, with stiff branches and dry and coriaceous leaves, dominate the flora, as they now do in Central Africa, to which region on the whole Saporta considers the flora to be most allied.

Li Fertile glume and pale cartilaginous, coriaceous or papery; empty glumes more delicate, usually herbaceous, the lowest usually smallest.

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The fore-wing is generally divided into a firm coriaceous basal region, occupying most of the area, and a membranous terminal portion, while the hind-wing is delicate and entirely membranous (see fig.

In the Argasidae the anterior portion of the dorsal surface of the body is extended forwards above the capitulum, so that this structure is concealed from above; the integument is fairly uniformly granular or coriaceous above and below; the palpi are simple and unmodified; there is no sucker beneath the claws in the adult, and there is only a slight structural difference between the sexes.

A Fertile glume and pale hyaline; empty glumes thick, membranous to coriaceous or cartilaginous, the lowest the largest.

The coriaceous leaves of sclerophyllous plants also, to some extent, are similarly protective.

In certain cases the anatomical structure of these leaves is known, and found to agree generally with that of recent coriaceous fern-fronds.