Sentence Examples with the word cordite

He was president of the Chemical Society in 1897, and of the British Association in 1902, served on the Balfour Commission on London Water Supply (1893-1894), and as a member of the Committee on Explosives (1888-1891) invented cordite jointly with Sir Frederick Abel.

When cordite replaced black powder, and the gun sights and all in front of the gun were no longer obscured by hanging clouds of smoke, it became a desideratum, and, as the automatic sight, it was reintroduced by Sir G.

Assuming, however, that the agreement is close enough for practical requirement, the conbustion of the cordite may be considered complete at this stage P, and in the subsequent expansion it is assumed that the gas obeys an adiabatic law in which the pressure varies inversely as some mtn power of the volume.

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Attention was drawn in the House of Commons to the insufficient supply of cordite provided by the war office, and the Housenotwithstanding the assurance of the war minister (Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman) that the supply was adequateplaced the government in a minority.

Dean instinctively sniffed the air for the smell of cordite but his nostrils picked up only the scent of alcohol.

Comparing this time with the experimental value of the time occupied by the cordite in burning, a start is made for a fresh estimate and a closer approximation.

There are cordite and explosives works, established by Messrs Kynoch of Birmingham, England.

Of charge of cordite 1 S.G.