Sentence Examples with the word copying

The latter maintain themselves by private teaching and by copying manuscripts, and the former in the same manner, or by reciting the Koran.

Sonya was sitting close to Nicholas who was copying out some verses for her, the first he had ever written.

When very young he showed his interest in the past history of his native land, and in 1617, at the age of twenty-three, he had set to work looking through archives, copying charters, and corresponding with the principal men of learning of his time, the brothers Dupuy, Andre Duchesne and Jean Besly, whom he visited in Poitou.

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The convent of Mount St Agnes was poor, and most of the monks had to earn money to support their household by copying MSS.

As everybody knows, however, books could be and were multiplied by the process of copying tolerably freely, and a copy at first or second hand which belonged to the fiddler king Rene of Provence in the 15th century was used for the first printed edition in 1547.

This device was originally adopted in the d'Arlincourt copying telegraph.

Four oboli a day, earned by copying manuscripts, sufficed for his bodily sustenance.

They had begun it together in Syria, she copying the pages as he wrote them, with a New Testament and a Josephus for all his library.

Demotic.Widely varying degrees of cursiveness are at all periods observable in hieratic; but, about the XXVLth Dynasty, which inaugurated a great commercial era, there was something like a definite parting between the uncial hieratic and the most cursive form afterwards known as demotic. The employment of hieratic was thenceforth almost confined to the copying of religious and other traditional texts on papyrus, while demotic was used not only for all business but also for writing literary and even religious texts in the popular language.

The great library of Nineveh was to a considerable extent his creation, and scribes were kept constantly employed in it copying the older tablets of Babylonia, though unfortunately their patron's tastes inclined rather to omens and astrology than to subjects of more modern interest.