Sentence Examples with the word copulation

The male, however, is a veritable pigmy beside the female, and during copulation presents the appearance of a parasite attached to her abdomen.

It will be seen that each type depends upon a specific radical or atom, and the copulation of this character with any hydrocarbon radical (open or cyclic) gives origin to a compound of the same class.

Xxi.; Guignard, Sur las anthrozoides et la double copulation sexuelle chez les vbgtaux angiospermes, Comptes rendus (1899), 128; Flaberlandt, Physiologische PJlanzenanatomie (Leipzig, 1909); Die Lichtsinnesorgane der Laubbldtter (Leipzig, 1905); R.

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In its simplest form this is a hollow flask-shaped horny piece, consisting of a dilated basal portion and a terminal spiniform portion with an orifice at the apex; but its structure is frequently complicated by accessory processes and outgrowths which aid copulation and serve to protect the delicate point from injury.

In Cephalopods and the majority of Gastropods copulation occurs.

In this duct and sac the spermatophores received in copulation from another snail are lodged.