Sentence Examples with the word copra

The island imports wines, spirits, tissues, clothing and ironmongery; and exports ores, nickel, cobalt and chrome (which represent over three-quarters of the total exports in value), preserved meats and hides, coffee, copra and other colonial produce.

Hats, baskets, cloths and rope are woven and are exported to a limited extent; small quantities of copra are also exported.

Palm-trees are abundant in great variety, including the nipah, which is much used for thatching, the cabbage, fan, sugar, coco and sago palms. The last two furnish large supplies of food to the natives, some copra is exported, and sago factories, mostly in the hands of Chinese, prepare sago for the Dutch and British markets.

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Danao has a comparatively cool and healthy climate, is the centre of a rich agricultural region producing rice, Indian corn, sugar, copra and cacao, and coal is mined in the vicinity.

Pulau Dat, a small island in the near neighbourhood of Labuan, is the site of a fine coco-nut plantation whence nuts and copra are exported in bulk.

Other important exports are sugar, copra and tobacco.

From coco-nuts about 10,000 tons of copra are made for export each year, and maize is used for local consumption only.

The chief imports are raw cotton, iron, agricultural machinery, coal, chemicals, jute, copra and lead.

The importation of copra and palm kernels for the production of coco-nut oil and palmnut oil is also considerable, but in these two cases Great Britain does not take the first place.