Sentence Examples with the word coping

His election was proposed by the patriarch Job, who acted on the conviction that Boris was the one man capable of coping with the extraordinary difficulties of an unexampled situation.

Corbel) for the steps formed up the sides of the gable by breaking the coping into short horizontal beds.

Maybe that was his way of coping with the loss of his wife.

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A greater understanding of gender biases in coping is needed.

The coping of garden walls is important, both for the preservation of the walls and for throwing the rain-water off their surfaces.

What is deemed beneficial in terms of coping as self-attribution, may have negative outcomes personally.

Revolts broke out and Passerini showed himself quite unequal to coping with the situation.

The regulation of the rivers, more especially of the Tiber, is probably the most efficient method for coping with the problem.

Each had his own plan for coping with the difficulties of the situation; but while Zamoyski regarded the Habsburgs with suspicion, Sigismund III.

Grant was ill-fitted for coping with the difficulties of such a situation.