Sentence Examples with the word copal

Quicklime mixed with white of egg, hardened Canada balsam, and thick copal or mastic varnish are also useful for cementing broken china, which should be warmed before their application.

The silk-cotton tree (Bombax ceiba), miomba, tamarisk, copal tree (Hymenaea courbaril) are frequent, besides sycamores, banyan trees (Ficus indica) and the deleb palm (Borassus aethiopum).

The presence of gum copal in considerable quantities in the superficial rocks is characteristic of certain regions.

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It was already an epis copal see, and, in the 13th century, Dominican and Franciscan monasteries were established to check the spread of Bogomilism.

Ivory, rubber and copal are the chief exports.

A non-conducting) varnish, such as copal varnish, so that this portion is not coated.

Gum copal is exported.

Certain resins are obtained in a fossilized condition, amber being the most notable instance of this class; African copal and the kauri gum of New Zealand are also procured in a semi-fossil condition.

Amber has often been imitated by other resins like copal and kauri, as well as by celluloid and even glass.

It is allied to copal in its nature and appearance, and is much used by varnish-makers.