Sentence Examples with the word coordinated

Similarly its ecclesiastical statesmen have been developing the full possibilities of its polity, to suit the demands of the time for coordinated effort.

Graceful, coordinated and a pleasure to watch.

Most wore trendy boots and coats, sat in designer jeans and sweaters worth a month of her salary, and wore make- up that coordinated perfectly with their expensive clothing and hair.

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He was unusually coordinated for such a large man, at least any she had seen up to now.

The movements that seemed random when standing beside the lake were lazily coordinated from above.

The northern group having at this time just been driven off the Great Bardanjolt, coordinated attack by both groups was no longer to be thought of.

In the autumn of 1921 he was reported to be contemplating some still vaster venture in the nature of a super trust to control every industry in Germany, so that the whole might ultimately be coordinated like one gigantic concern regulating production, transport and the supply of the German markets and those of the whole world.