Sentence Examples with the word coordinate

Another application of the theory of energy enables us to coordinate the osmotic pressure of a dilute solution with the pressure of a gas occupying the same space.

The later examples of the Politicus show that the permission of three or more coordinate species is not nugatory, and that the precept of dichotomy is merely in order to secure as little of a saltus as possible; to avoid e.g.

If the recognition of physics and logic as two studies coordinate with ethics is sufficient to differentiate the mature Zeno from the Cynic author of the Republic, no less than from his own heterodox disciple Aristo, the Cleanthes.

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Its directors have sought through classes, lectures, and special exhibitions, to make it a power in popular education and to coordinate its work with that of the schools and colleges.

Its reaction preponderantly helps to secure coordinate innervation of the skeletal musculature, both for maintenance of attitude and for execution of movements.

Since the circulation round any triangular area of given aspect is the sum of the circulation round the projections of the area on the coordinate planes, the composition of the components of spin,, 7,, is according to the vector law.

The lesson of the incompatibility of two coordinate legislatures was not thrown away upon Pitt.

Construct a small cylinder inside the gas, having dS as base and edges such that the projections of each on the coordinate axes are udt, vdt, wdt.

I) consists of two loops symmetrically placed about the coordinate axes.

In the Eulerian notation u, v, w denote the components of the velocity q parallel to the coordinate axes at any point (x, y, z) at the time t; u, v, w are functions of x, y, z, t, the independent variables; and d is used here to denote partial differentiation with respect to any one of these four independent variables, all capable of varying one at a time.