Sentence Examples with the word cooperative

Mr. Harding's interest in agricultural problems was keen; in his first message he asked special protection for agricultural interests, and in his second he declared that something more than protection must be given the farmers, advocating warmly the encouragement of cooperative marketing plans.

Aldrich 1 Nebraska was one of the states in which the collapse of the cooperative enterprises of the Grange was particularly severe.

The chief source was the bounty-fed potato, and the industry was an agricultural one worked on cooperative principles.

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The total number of agricultural co-operative societies exceeded 500 in 1910; each has its tribunal (Conseil des Prud'hommes), which arbitrates in disputes; and all together, with the state-aided Cooperative Caisse, which lends money to the smaller societies, form a single great organization known as the General Union.

The State grants generous support to local authorities and to cooperative societies.

The well-known Bury Cooperative Society was established in 1856.

It depends how cooperative everyone is.

The Council had been excessively cooperative the past two days, a sign he didn't like.

This Cooperative Wheat Research Production Program, in which Borlaug took part, aimed to boost Mexican wheat production.

He cordially concurred in the cooperative and protective resolutions then adopted (see English History) and joined Mr. Asquith in recommending them to the House of Commons.