Sentence Examples with the word cooperation

Tirpitz himself maintains that his naval aspirations were directed not towards a war with Great Britain, but to the creation of a state of naval equilibrium or of German superiority, which would have enabled Germany to insist upon the unreserved cooperation of British policy in her world aims. It was probably true that Germany's policy was directed rather towards being so strong at sea as to make England unwilling to fight her unless absolutely necessary, than towards actually challenging British naval supremacy.

He disclaimed any desire to enlarge the powers and responsibilities of the executive, which, he declared, were already too large; and he aimed at close cooperation with Congress.

In his Indian budget speech of 1913 he remarked with true insight that the watchword of the future was cooperation between the Government and the governed in India; the difficulty was that in India men of the 20th century lived side by side with men of the 5th.

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Their council acquired, too, in conjunction with the assembly, with or without the cooperation of the Five Hundred (or Six Hundred), the right to pass decrees and to represent their city in foreign relations (C.I.A.

They were also in favour of a closer cooperation with the German democratic element in the State.

In pursuance of its practical policy of rapprochement and economic cooperation in the reconstruction of central Europe in particular and of Europe in general, Czechoslovakia concluded a series of commercial treaties with her various neighbours and with the Allied Powers.

It was answered that sin had not totally destroyed man's ethical nature, and that grace changed what was morally insensitive into what was morally sensitive, so that there could be a cooperation between God's grace and man's will.

In the far higher duty of cooperation he had failed miserably.

Groener was instrumental in maintaining, in spite of strikes and other difficulties, the cooperation of the German trade unions in securing a steady supply of munitions.

The hope of achieving parliamentary cooperation on the basis of such loyal declarations as these soon vanished.