Sentence Examples with the word cooperate

The growing self-confidence of the Austrian Sla y s was shown by the bluntness of their refusal to cooperate with the new Premier, Doctor von Seidler, whose offer of portfolios to their leaders drew from Count Tisza a strong protest in the Hungarian Parliament.

The Montenegrins were to cooperate to some extent in this task, but their main effort was to be directed against Scutari.

At the opening of the conference (23rd June 1882) Italy secured the signature of a self-denying protocol whereby all the great powers undertook to avoid isolated action; but the rapid development of the crisis in Egypt, and the refusal of France to cooperate with Great Britain in the restoration of order, necessitated vigorous action by the latter alone.

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Was left at Prishtina to secure the country and cooperate with the Ibar Force, while Uskub was held by Morava I.

With such a hatred of Napoleon that European when a general coalition was formed against the Coalition, French emperor he was one of the first to join it 1804 (Dec. 3, 1804), pledging himself to send an army corps to cooperate with the English and Russians in driving the enemy out of Holland and Hanover.

Sir Ian Hamilton, who had been chosen as commander-in-chief of the military contingents that were to cooperate in due course with the naval forces in this theatre of war, had moreover actually arrived on the day before the abortive fleet attack upon the Narrows and had witnessed the fight.

The Czechs were animated with intense sympathy for the real Russian people, and looked forward to the day when they will be able to cooperate as kinsmen in the reconstruction of a peaceful and well-ordered Russia.

Inside the Ministry a food council to consider questions of policy, and to cooperate with other bodies dealing with the food problems of the Allies.

It was decided to send an Achaean force to cooperate with the Roman general, and Polybius was selected to command the cavalry.

He set sail for Tuscany to cooperate with the emperor, but on the latter's death (1314) he returned to Sicily.