Sentence Examples with the word coop

In an instant he entered the coop and pushed Carmen back, putting himself between her and the fox.

The chickens fought for position in the tiny coop door as they watched her pour a bucket of water into the tire.

She jerked the door open, sending frightened chickens flopping against the coop walls.

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As Carmen glanced around the coop for something to use as a weapon, one of the chickens ricocheted off the wall and hit her head.

Even the old chicken coop was empty, replaced by the new one Alex had built out back.

The excitement at the coop had cost Alex his chance to watch a birth, but he accepted the loss in good humor.

It took an instant for her eyes to adjust to the dim coop interior, and then she found herself staring into the desperate eyes of a red fox.

She left him in the coop with the chicken and marched across the yard to the house, her boots making sucking noises each time she lifted her foot from the mud.

She stopped at the coop door and frowned.

He grabbed the hen by the wing and headed for a sliver of light shining through the coop door.