Sentence Examples with the word cool

A cool breeze lifted the damp hair at her temples and ruffled the hem of her full skirt.

At the same time, the petite woman in the mirror was beyond gorgeous, the combination of shimmering seductiveness and cool beauty stunning.

The climate is subtropical, cool and bracing in winter but insufferably hot in summer.

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He scared her, and she touched him instinctively, wanting his cool energy to help calm her emotions.

Dustin was lean and handsome with clear, cool blue eyes and sharp, angular features.

The weather had turned sultry but there was a cool breeze out on the patio by the barbecue.

Lori asked in a cool voice.

Daily and only require water every third or fourth day: in cool weather, with ample green fodder they can go twentyfive days or more without drinking.

He touched her again, his hand cool but the electricity that shot through her warm.

She pulled her boots off and waded into the cool water.