Sentence Examples with the word convincing

She spoke through clenched teeth and her tone must have been convincing because he looked scared.

Samuel in a farewell address formally abdicates his office, reviews the past history, and, after convincing the people of the responsibility they had incurred in choosing a king, promises to remain always their intercessor (xii., cf.

As foreign minister of a young state which had attained unity in defiance of the most formidable religious organization in the world and in opposition to the traditional policy of France, it could but be ViscontiVenostas aim to uphold the dignity of his country while convincing European diplomacy that United Italy was an element of order and progress, and that the spiritual independence of the Roman pontiff had suffered no diminution.

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The official portrait by Muytens, engraved by Petit, gives a less convincing impression that an excellent chalk drawing of the head by Gabriel Mattei.

You're welcome for convincing Gabe not to knock down the rest of your walls to get to this one.

That line of descent can be made out with convincing clearness and with no particular difficulty from epoch to epoch, from the precarium and the patrocinium, through the benefice and commendation, to the fief and vassalage.

His remarkable speech of the 24th of November 1791 is a convincing proof of his sagacity.

The wonderful Roman remains at Trier and elsewhere, the Roman roads, bridges and aqueducts, are convincing proofs of what the Rhine gained from Roman domination.

His police stories, though not so convincing as those of Emile Gaboriau, with whom his name is generally associated, had a great circulation, and many of them have been translated into English.

In connexion with this work it must be remembered that Vambery could write down but a few furtive notes while with the dervishes, and dared not take a single sketch; but the weird scenes, with their misery and suffering, were so strongly impressed on his memory that his, book is convincing by its simplicity, directness and evidence of heroic endurance.