Sentence Examples with the word convergent

Molar series strongly convergent behind (see Prairie-Marmot).

Every convergent is nearer to the value of the whole fraction than any preceding convergent.

Its n th convergent is not equal to the sum to n terms of the series.

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When the waves are convergent and the recipient screen is placed so as to contain the centre of convergency - the image of the original radiant point, the calculation assumes a less complicated form.

There is nearly always an arrangement to observe the preparation first in convergent light and then in parallel polarized light.

The resemblance shows various grades of completeness; and the convergent mimics may be themselves noxious, or edible and innocuous.

Every convergent is a nearer approximation to the value of the whole fraction than any fraction whose denominator is less than that of the convergent.

The optic figure seen in convergent polarized light through a section cut parallel to the plane of symmetry of a borax crystal is symmetrical only with respect to the central point.

The acute bisectrix of the optic axes never deviates from the normal to the basal plane by more than a degree or two, hence a cleavage flake of mica will always show an optic figure in convergent light when placed on the stage of a polarizing microscope.

But, while Robertson was in some measure the initiator of a movement, Prescott came to his task when the range of information was incomparably wider and when progress in sociologic theory had thrown innumerable convergent lights upon the progress of events.