Sentence Examples with the word controversial

Rather than lump genomics and genetically modified organisms (GMO) into the upcoming chapter where I list technologies that will transform agriculture, I chose to address them here because a topic so controversial and misunderstood warrants extra time to sort through.

The latest extant works of Tertullian (all after 217) are his controversial writings against the laxity of the Catholics, full of the bitterest attacks, especially upon Calixtus, the bishop of Rome; these are De monogamic, De jejunio, De pudicitia, and De ecstasi Libri VII.

Autograph copies of his work De Ecclesia and of the controversial tracts which he had written against Paletz and Stanislaus of Znaim having been acknowledged by him, the extracted propositions on which the prosecution based their charge of heresy were read; but as soon as the accused began to enter upon his defence, he.

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After working as a vine-dresser and then as a goldsmith he became a travelling doctor, and displayed great skill in disputations on medical subjects; but his controversial power soon found a wider field for its exercise in the great theological question of the time.

Yet the new administration did very well till, after resettling the government of India, and recovering from a blunder committed by their Indian secretary, Lord Ellenborough, they must needs launch a Reform Bill to put that dangerous question out of controversial politics.

Maine was generally averse from controversy, but showed on this occasion that it was not for want of controversial power.

As his quotations from Scripture appear to be made from the Peshitta, he probably wrote the homilies before he embarked upon the Philoxenian version.2 Philoxenus wrote also many controversial 'works and some liturgical pieces.

He obtained a high reputation, but his work was impaired by his controversial temper, which frequently developed into an irritated f anaticism, though he was always entirely sincere.

His controversial writings have not received due recognition, partly because they were opposed to the drift of his times, partly because of his success in other fields.

In the midst of his scholastic and controversial activities Lanfranc became a political force.